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The Bicentenary Appeal
We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the ex-Officers, Life Members, and other supporters who contributed to the Bicentenary Appeal via OXUF. To find out more information about making a contribution, please see here.
The 2025 Foundation Fellows
Sir Ronald Cohen
Oliver Evans
For transformational gifts of £500,000, $625,000, and above
President, Hilary 1967
President, Trinity 1997
The 2023 Bicentenary Patrons
Laurence and Rebecca Grafstein
For extraordinary generosity of £100,000 and above
President, Michaelmas 1984, and spouse
The 1823 Circle
Michael Li
For generosity of £50,000, $62,500, and above
President, Trinity 2017

The President's Circle
Dr Sara Althari
William Barnes
John Curbishley
Anthony Goodman
SY Lee
Hope Rinehart-Welker
For generous gifts of £10,000, $12,500, and above
Life Member
Treasurer, Hilary 2017
Treasurer, Trinity 1996
President, Michaelmas 1985
President, Michaelmas 2012
Life Member
The Officers' Circle
Christopher Laconi
Dr Matthew and Dr Erica Richardson
For generous gifts of £5,000, $6250, and above
Life Member
Librarian, Trinity 2003, and spouse
Philip A. Bean
James Burgert
R. Clarke Cooper
Henna Dattani
Harish Dadoo
Robin Edward Wells
Charles Ewald
Matthew Guy
Daniel Hasler
Dr Deborah Horowitz
Stephen Horvath

Jack Solomon
Dr Cecil P Staton, Jr
Tamer Yalav
For generous gifts of £100, $125, and above
Life Member
Life Member
Life Member
Secretary, Hilary 2016
Life Member
Life Member

Life Member
President, Michaelmas 1995
Life Member
Life Member
President, Michaelmas 2018

Treasurer, Trinity 2020
Life Member
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